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How to uninstall without password, its so frustrating, sorry

EPS version is 84.10.5530

When i first met this awful ( to me ) feature of disallowing user to uninstall software on their OWN machine i was literally shocked.

I spent more than a week looking for a solution on 'how to uninstall EPS from my PC w/o knowing uninstall password' and still have not found anything. That actually drives me mad a lot, sorry for emotions, but i can't find a place to let it go. Why in world i cannot uninstall a software on my own PC that i bought with my own money, it feels like a huge privacy intruding and i probably would need to re-install my whole Operating System that was setup during many years. That hurts my job workflow a lot..


So, i cannot know the uninstall password as no one says it to me. I tried 'secret', '[Ss]ymantec'. 

I tried sk118233, and almost anything other that i could find here, anyway please let me know any other solutions.

I tried deleting UninstPwdHashDA and UninstPwdSaltDA keys (they were not existed before, i created them) - no use


How do i uninstall it from my machine, pleaseeeeee

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Harmony Endpoint/SandBlast Agent/Endpoint Security is designed to be installed on corporate managed assets only.
Preventing uninstallation is considered a feature in that context.
For personal assets, it's better to use our consumer product: ZoneAlarm.
It offers a similar feature set without centralized management.

As far as uninstalling the client, you will need to contact whomever supplied you with the installation package to get the uninstallation password.
There are other procedures available from our TAC, but that requires having a support agreement in place.
That gets you back to whomever supplied you the installation in the first place.


Who and why did install it on your machine in the first place?  

this is important, because if default passwords do not work for you, it must be your sysadmin who can help


I agree with phoneboy. Sadly, thats how CP EDR solution works, thats exactly how any other solution out there is, nothing different. As Dameon said, its simply a feature to protect corporate assets. I never heard of anyone be able to remove the software without the uninstall password, you definitely need that.

Maybe, there is some convoluted and unsupported way that I never heard of, but not really sure.

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