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How to change EPS to Cloud or another EPS

I have a client, which is running Sandblast agent, running the server on a VMware open server. Due to Budget he may have to license the EPS and use it in Cloud or use in his current Manager who manages the Gateway, because he already has license in it. Is it possible to export the rules and settings of the current server, to cloud management or to the other manager?



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Cloud Management (CP Capsule Cloud) is explained in sk103942: Check Point Capsule Cloud FAQ and sk102501: Check Point Capsule Cloud. This is not the EPSS Cloud Portal because it uses APCL & URLF, AV / ABot / TE / IPS with https inspection only.

To change from stand alone EPSS to SMS/EPSS, Advanced Upgrade can be used - see sk109196 Endpoint Security Server Supported Upgrade Paths for details.

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We now offer Endpoint Management as a Service free of charge, provided you purchase and maintain SandBlast Agent subscriptions.
It does have a couple of limitations, as described in the documentation:
The docs also explain how you register for this service.
If you have more than 10,000 seats, please work with your local office to ensure proper support.

In terms of moving your existing Endpoint configuration to our cloud management, I believe this can be done with TAC assistance.
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