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High CPU consumed by java process

Dear Checkmates,

Setup: R81.10 Endpoint security server

I have been observing high CPU consumption by the Java process on my endpoint security management server, the overall CPU usage on the smart console is stuck at 67% with no improvements, at times it's spiking above 75%. 

When I checked with the "top -c" command I was able to see the details of the process in action, please find the below output :

/opt/CPshrd-R81.10/jre_64/bin/java -D_solr=TRUE -Xdump:directory=/var/log/dump/usermode -Xdump:heap:events=gpf+user -Xdump:tool:none -Xdump:tool:events=gpf++


Kindly find the attachments for detailed information, can anyone give an insight on this, or should I involve TAC in this?


Thanks in advance______________

WR @SayoojDinan 



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What is the take you run?

cpinfo -y all

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The nice (NI) value for this process is 19, which means it has minimum priority on the CPU and disk I/O path.  This is log indexing for fast searching which is expected to consume a lot of CPU, but will instantly yield if some other process needs the CPU (such as your management activities in the SmartConsole).  It is referencing "SOLR" which is the old indexing engine that was replaced with a much more efficient engine around R81 or so, so you may be running R80.40 or earlier.  Or the SOLR could just be a deprecated reference. 

So bottom line this is expected behavior and should not cause any noticeable performance problems with management operations or the SmartConsole GUI.

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