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Harmony File Server considerations and Harmony resource tuning

Hi all,

I'm quite new at posting things in the community, but since our Harmony sales is picking up in speed, we also get more reports from customers saying that they notice some issues with Harmony.

First thing we noticed at our customer is that when we deployed the Harmony Endpoint on the customer's file server (network drives), the endpoint protection kicks in and started to delete a lot of files. The remediation action is set to always quarantine the files, but however the files were deleted. Is there any way to prevent this?

The second thing we noticed was mainly happening to Remote Desktop server or Terminal Services servers. We noticed that after installing Harmony on these servers all of the sudden increase resources by 100%. Most of the time this is due to the Forensic Recorder Service  running high resources, sometimes this service takes up to 70% of the total resources available.
Do any of you have similar experience and do you have some advice that might help?
I have also opened TAC for these 2 things, but maybe this community can give me tips/hints that can help me.

Thanks for the feedback already and of course, if I find a solution or a solution is presented I will let you know as well.

Kind regards,


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Im seeing the samething regarding forensics.. BUT.. it seems like its a "i have to check this the first time i see you open" and the next time i wont touch it..

i had it on a SQL manager. took ages to open. later on it didnt take longer. as it looks like "i've already cleared this" 🙂

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