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Harmony Endpoint for Linux Version 1.12.5 - for online installation

I am happy to share that Check Point Harmony Endpoint for Linux Version 1.12.5 has now reached GA (General Availability).

The following are the two major enhancements included in this release

  • E2 anti-malware engine: E2 is now used as the anti-malware engine for Linux. This is the same anti-malware engine technology as used on Macs and available on Windows as well
  • Universal package phase 1: Internal enhancements to reduce dependencies on underlying Linux distribution and simplify the process for support of new distributions.

These enhancements were initially made available in Version 1.12.4. They are also included in Version 1.12.5 as well as a fix for an additional issue found

The 1.12.x builds were released for online installation only (aka tiny agent).
We are currently working to finalize the universal package implementation which will allow to re-introduce offline installation (full package) support in an upcoming release targeted in Q1.
Version will be installed for customers who have selected evergreen upgrades.

For new customers who want access to this release, they should download the online installer with evergreen upgrades by setting “Download Version” to “Latest”

See sk170198 for the complete details on Harmony Endpoint for Linux release


Jonny Rabinowitz

Product Manager – Harmony Endpoint


[ Feel free to reach out to me directly for any related questions ]

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Thats exciting @JonnyRabinowitz . I know lots of people asked about this.

Happy holidays.



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