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Harmony Endpoint Generating Multiple (DS File) Files

Hello guys,

I'm in need of help with the Harmony Endpoint solution.

I'm serving a customer where he has a Client Endpoint installed in version (E84.50.7526) on one of their servers. This server is warning that there is no free space on the drive (C:\).

I used a software to help me detect which folder is having a high consumption and it was verified that the folder


C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\DBStore has many files in the DS File (.ds) format.


Do you know why there are so many files in this format? It's some version bug.

Can I delete these files to get more free space on the C:\ drive of the client server?

I appreciate the support!

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I would initially recommend upgrading to the latest version recommended by Check Point (E86.26).

Version E84.50 is about 2 years old and I am pretty sure that later versions include improvements in terms of optimization and disk space reduction.


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