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Error code in deployment from master image

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I hope you are doing well.  We bought the SandBlast Complete subscription for all our laptops (700 approx.).

So, we are deploying right now from a “master image” laptop, all of them are the same model and specs, but we have some issues in the deployment and see the in the Inifinty console the deployment status “retrying”, but the laptop has already installed sandblast product and all the modules selected are “on”.  Error code is 28403.


I found this article for VDI Persistent, that’s is very similar in our scenario, but cannot find something related to our issue.


Will be helpful any recommendation.

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Hello @edgarpajuelo , I suggest you'll raise a Support ticket.

You can pass me the number via email and I'll help you get it resolved -


Thank you Kobie


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My company does lots of sandblast deployments lately, so I can ask couple of my colleagues if they ever seen this before. Im not SBA expert by any means (definitely more firewall guy), but I know enough about it, so let me ask few questions.  First off, are all those machines windows or any macs at all? Also, do you see same in endpoint server, or does this only come up in gui portal page? Are you using the default sba install or did you create any custom packages?

Happy to do remote and take a stab at it, if you like, you can message me privately and we can set it up.



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