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Endpoint reboot required for initial install?



Anyone know where it's documented about if Endpoint requires a reboot for the initial install? I have 80.92, and want to put it on some problem servers, but don't want them to reboot. Most all our servers have 80.88, and they did reboot. I think this is something that changed recently. I am coming up empty on any info regarding this. I am just using the malware blade only for these servers. we also have sandblast deployed to windows desktops ( no FDE) and they don't reboot. I know an upgrade will trigger a reboot, and FDE as well. Is there a list of Windows versions where this applies or does not apply?


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I believe the initial install of the Endpoint client always requires a reboot. Somewhere around E80.92, it appears the client updates stopped requiring the system to reboot. But, unfortunately, I think the initial install still does.

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Employee Alumnus

Starting from E80.89 some blades can be upgraded without reboots:

    • Compliance
    • Anti-Malware
    • Firewall and Application Control
    • Remote Access VPN
    • URL Filtering
    • SandBlast Agent Blades

In some situations, an upgrade could force reboot - if system drivers will not be able to start automatically.

If you will encounter a situation in which E80.89+ with above blades will require a reboot - please rise a SR.


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