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Endpoint disconnects over connection from home

Over many Endpoint versions up to and including E80.87 I experience frequent Endpoint VPN disconnects/reconnects when working from home.  It was not always this way, but from the same PC I now see disconnects on-and-off pretty much all day every day.  It seems to be triggered by activity, and is almost guaranteed to happen during an upload.  I can still work, but ssh is out of the question, as are file uploads.

For example, using WinSCP to upload a small-ish file (250MB) to a corporate Linux host, I am able to trigger constant disconnects.  Only by dialing down the transfer speed to a minuscule number am I able to stop the disconnects.

Wifi and Ethernet connections to my home LAN both behave the same way.  Other services using my home ISP link such as VOIP, streaming audio, etc are not experiencing any disconnects.

Can anyone suggest where to begin troubleshooting?

My help desk stalled for a long time, then suggested it may be my Intel gigabit Ethernet driver and closed the ticket (twice) which was no help to me at all.

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Packet captures might be useful for troubleshooting.

Unfortunately, without the cooperation with your helpdesk, there's not too much you can do to resolve the problem on your own as most of the fixes will need to be done on the gateway side.