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Endpoint disconnects on switch user

I'm stuck perhaps some advice. Given the remote worker needs the world is facing, we have scenarios where we are performing AD changes on users that are remote workers. These changes require the user to do a switch user session whilst still maintaining connection to our corp vpn.

Switch user immediately disconnects the vpn session EVEN if the user cancels the switch user to return to their currently logged in account.

Is there any way to make endpoint persist or disable disconnection? E82.40 on R80.30

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My guess is this applies:
In which case, it’s expected behavior.
If it is a hard requirement to support this, recommend engaging with your local Check Point office.

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I have this problem with E84.20.

I believe it works with E84.30.  There's something in the release notes about it, and from my limited testing I think it works in 84.30.

Also I seem to recall SNX stays connected when you "switch user" so maybe that's also an option to test for these specific tasks instead of connecting using the full fat client?

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