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Endpoint Windows lock screen image change by FDE

Dear all,

This is a cosmetic issue. Is there any way for the windows lock screen image not to be changed by FDE after reboot?

This is a question by a customer, who uses Endpoint Server R77.30.03 with an E80.82 agent in the endpoints.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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We use FDE with CheckPoint's pre-boot environment and we do not get this screen.  I believe this may come from checking the box "Enable lock screen authentication (OneCheck) under "Use native sign on for OS" in the Full DIsk Encryption blade.  We have this turned off, so if you have this enabled, try turning this off.

If you would wish to have a custom company image or logo in place of the default CheckPoint or Windows picture you can change this in the Client Settings blade under "Default client user interfaces settings".