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Endpoint VPN and auto connect before Windows 10 Login Prompt...


  Is there any way to force the Endpoint VPN to prompt for credentials and connect prior to the Windows Login prompt (either via boot-up or returning from sleep / standby mode).  This is available on Windows 7 machines however I haven't seen an equivalent feature for Windows 10.

  I know with location awareness and auto connect you can force the client to prompt the user to authenticate and connect, etc... however the client doesn't prompt the user to connect until they are already logged into Windows and the user can just keep cancelling the prompt and continue to use the laptop without the VPN being connected.

  Ultimately my customer is trying to ensure that when a user takes their laptop home and boots up / open the lid they are forced to connect to the VPN before they can do anything else (Unlock the laptop, etc...).  Even on Windows 7 machines when we were able to get the VPN client to prompt the user to connect before the Windows Login prompt, the user could still simply click cancel and proceed to windows without forcing the VPN.

  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I would suggest to ask TAC or use Machine Auth.


If I'm understanding this SK correctly, this will require an RFE, particularly if using with Full Disk Encryption (which I assume is the case here).

ignore_sdl_in_encdomain STRING true GW_USER 0

Version VPN E81.20 Build986100672

We are trying to use Secure Domain Login,

when user logged in and log out we can able to see checkpoint icon on the desktop however after reboot we don't see checkpoint icon for user to connect or it is not auto pop up.