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Endpoint Security Package footprint

Hi All,


I am trying to reduce the Check Point Endpoint package deployment footprint

Required blades: FW, AV, Compliance, VPN,


I created a package with the following blades:





Package Size 209MB


When I add the VPN blade, the package size is 696MB


There is also no option to install the Endpoint Connect as a separate product due to sk107578


Does anybody knows another way to deploy the above 4 blades without transferring 700MB  to the clients (Initial Package is not an option as well)


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Eureka! Answer found in R80.40 with new feature called Dynamic Package!

Complete Endpoint Security Client for any CPU (32-bit or 64-bit). This is a self-extracting executable EXE file with all components (Blades).

Only the components you select are part of the exported package, so that it can be much smaller than an exported Windows MSI package. In contrast, MSI packages include all the components in the smallest package in the repository that contains the selected components. You can also configure the Dynamic Package so that it includes only the installation prerequisites that you need, for example .NET or Anti-Malware signatures.

Dynamic packages are optimized for upgrades, so the package that is downloaded to the Endpoint Security client includes only the changes from the installed version. This results in a significant decrease in network traffic. A typical download size for an upgrade using the Dynamic Package with all components is less than 200 MB, compared to hundreds of MB for an MSI package.

Best Practice - Use the Dynamic Package for your client release.

Dynamic packages are available for release E82.40 and higher. To use Dynamic Packages for releases E81.40 to E82.30, open a Service Request on the Check Point Support Center.
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