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Endpoint Security E80.88 Client released!

E80.88 includes stability and quality fixes. It supports all features of previous releases.

New Features

  • Forensic Reports now include URL and domain reputation analyses from Network Operations. A new view for Network Operations is available with this information. Click on Network Events under the Suspicious Activity menu option to access this view.


  • Anti-Ransomware, Behavioral Guard and Forensics
    • Resolves an issue related to missing buttons on the Remediation Manager User Interface.
    • Anti-Ransomware, Behavioral Guard and Forensics now default to the most recently used policy, if they have not received a new policy from Management.
    • Resolves apparent hang in the Forensics report when there is no execution tree to display.
    • Full Path exclusions now work in Anti-Ransomware. When Anti-Ransomware excludes a process by its full path, it does not exclude other processes with the same name in different paths.
    • Improves the exclusion of Check Point, Trend Micro and McAfee process activities from Forensics monitoring for better blade performance. 
    • Resolves the issue of continuous high CPU utilization when a very large Forensics report transmission fails.
    • Fixes a rare crash in Forensics when resources are scarce during maintenance tasks. 
  • Threat Emulation and Anti-Exploit
    • Resolves a file system performance issue in the Threat Emulation blade to prevent delays in file creation or copy on local disks.
    • Resolves a non-local file access monitoring issue. Threat Emulation now monitors file creation and access on non-local disks, and emulates them, if necessary. 
    • Fixes a crash in Anti-Exploit protected applications when Control Guard is on in Windows 10.
  • Full Disk Encryption
    • Resolves an issue in which Full Disk Encryption failed to synchronize a hostname change.
    • Resolves an issue for Pre-Boot keyboard functionality on Epson NA512E.
    • Resolves an issue in which Pre-Boot went into a reboot loop, on some UEFI machines, during disk cache issues. 
    • Resolves an instability issue of Full Disk Encryption Single-Sign-On functionality on Microsoft Windows 10 1803.
  • Installation
    • Resolves upgrade issues when two product lines were shown for Check Point Endpoint Security in Add\Remove Programs, after previously failed upgrades.

Macintosh users still need to stay with E80.71 for Mac OS clients (sk121595).

3 Replies

FTP issues. Client FTP connection cannot be initiated successfully with version 80.88.4122.


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi Felix

We are not familiar with such issue. I have the same version and working with FTP.

Please contact support and we will look into it with you.

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Problem was eliminated in version 80.87.9103, back in version 80.88.4122.

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