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Endpoint R80.70 - FDE User acquisition

Dear Mates,

I'm deploying Endpoint Security in an organization based on R77.30.03 and E80.70. It goes mostly fine except for a few users where FDE is stuck in "User Acquisition" after initial setup, malware scan and reboot. All other blades work for these users.

I've checked SK118234 but the client won't allow to uninstall since it says it's still going through primary setup. Chicken and egg...

Anyone else had this issue and would know a solution? Beers are on me Smiley Happy

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Can you share the dlog.txt ? 



The other thing you can try is to take away user acquisition on the policy that should get it encrypted but risky could BSOD after.

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Hello Franco,

Thanks for the reply. The customer informed they could eventually uninstall the suite, but I don't know more details for now. 

I will see with them if they did something special next time I pass by and update here.

Kind regards,


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Hi i have the same issue and found some more useful info. The issue is related the a windows 10 update.

but works on  windows 10 creator (15063.322)

For a new machine if you :-

1, image the machine (build version will be 15063.322)
2 remove the lan cable on first boot to stop updates and cat videos
3 pause the updates in Os (setting, updates & security, windows update, advance options , pause update)
4, reconnect lan and add to domain. 
6, install  checkpoint eps
7, waiting for endpoint to install and encrypt the device.

8, then run window updates. 

if you have an updated windows 10  15063.674 (may be broken on an earlier version too i need to test) then the uac stops the fde from getting user info...

I need to test to see if you rollback an update if you can get it working.

Hope this is helpful for people and checkpoint can work round issue and fix


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