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Endpoint Could Not Connect to Server Oddity

We have an on-prem application for document management.

One of the functions in that software is being able to Download images as a PDF.

When executed, it initiates a browser window and downloads the file/files to a location.

With Harmony Endpoint, that process is monitored.

Problem: If the selection contains a single image, Harmony Endpoint will fail with Could Not Connect to Server and the file is not downloaded or displayed.

IF the selection contained multiple documents, > 1, there are no errors and it works as it should.

I do not understand why it will fail if only 1 document is selected.

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Sounds like a TAC case might be in order here: 

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Just so folks know, this problem is expanding. Must be something going out via an update. More and more people having trouble with the Harmony Browse extension downloading files.

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