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Endpoint Agent for Microsoft Servers, a practical example and some references

We would like to provide a practical example of an implementation of the Check Point Endpoint Security/SandBlast/Harmony Endpoint for Microsoft Servers.

The environment shown was installed with Check Point Endpoint Security which evolved to SandBlast Agent, and currently is called Harmony Agent, with this implementation being an on-prem solution, version R81 OpenServer installation, exclusively running Endpoint.

Client version shown is based on E85.00 GA

Running Harmony Agent in Infinity Portal should be able to utilize the same approach.


Some useful additional resources:


We may find more information and details for this subject, but this is a start.

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@Aleksandr_Nosit and @Eric_Beasley  


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This is great content, thank you very much!

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We hope that community members can further contribute to the topic adding their practical tips and gotchas.

Alec & Eric


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Good content, I'm looking for similar content using the fancier Harmony Endpoint using Infinity Portal.  

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Is there an updated version of this document for Harmony Endpoint (EPMaaS) ?


In general, even after the new server optimization profiles, we often face a similar question:

Which modules should we enable on Servers?

What about Anti-ransomware, Forensics, Behavioral Guard?? All these very often cause issues on Servers (File servers etc.) and also produce a lot of false positives..

So what are the latest recommendations/best practices about Harmony Endpoint modules on servers??


Other vendors have completely different clients to install on servers making things straight forward, but for Harmony Endpoint this has always been an issue..



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