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Encrypted DVD Media ISO Files

When our users create encrypted CD/DVD media using CheckPoint, a copy of the .iso file is left behind in c:\program files\checkpoint\endpoint security\data loss prevention\profiles\isostorage

I'm getting frequent call from users with disk space issues because these iso files are taking up so much space.

Is there any way to either prevent this from happening or to have the files removed automatically?

In the meantime I have advised my users to manually remove the files to clear up space, but they get access denied and cannot delete. I changed permissions on the folder but they still can't delete the files, so it seems that they are locked down somehow.

What is the normal method for dealing with these files? 


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It would make sense that before we wrote an encrypted ISO, we would have to create it first, which would allow standard ISO writing tools to actually burn it.

As for deleting the files, it's a good question.

What version of the Endpoint Client we talking about?

What OS?

What version of management?

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Thanks for your reply.

We're on client version E80.85, a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 10 and the management version is R77.30.03

I agree it makes sense for these files to be created, I'm surprised that they are not automatically deleted though, or at least easy to clean up. I suspect that most users have them but probably don't notice, but those users who create a lot of media are finding their disk space disappearing very quickly.

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