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E80.71 Public Early Availability Program

Today, we made available the Public EA program for the E80.71 release of SandBlast Agent and Endpoint Security.

This can be accessed via - -> TRY OUR PRODUCTS -> Early Availability Programs -> CPEA-EVAL-E80.71.

It is appropriate for:

  • Check Point customers and employees
  • OPSEC partners
  • Members of the Check Point Partner Program

Check Point Public EA is only for lab and sandbox deployments and not for production deployments.


What's New

This release supports all Software Blades and features of previous releases.

It adds support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) and support for new and improved features.


SandBlast Agent (Available with R77.30.02 or R77.30.03 Endpoint Management servers)

-          Anti-Exploit Blade - Provides protection against browser and Office exploit based attacks. By detecting the exploit attempt, Anti-Exploit prevents downloading or execution of a malicious payload. On detection Anti-Exploit will shut down the process being exploited and then will generate a forensics report.

Internet Explorer Browser Extension

-          Prevent download of malicious files:

-          Threat Emulation - Detect malicious behavior by running files within secure virtual environment.

-          Threat Extraction - Obtain immediate and safe access to documents by removing potentially malicious elements or converting the downloaded file to PDF.

User can download the original file once Threat Emulation completes.

-          Phishing protection, Zero Phishing is an innovative Anti-Phishing product, protecting corporate users and administrators from:

-          Zero day phishing sites

-          Password / identity theft


Full Disk Encryption

-          AES-XTS 128/256-bit encryption for BIOS systems (Available with R77.30.02 or R77.30.03 Endpoint Management servers)

-          Allow encryption algorithm change from AES-CBC to XTS-AES with seamless re-encryption (Available with R77.30.02 or R77.30.03 Endpoint Management servers)


Remote Access VPN

-          High DPI support – adding a support for devices with high-DPI display

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When will there be an Agent for FireFox and Microsoft IE and Edge deployable from Smart Endpoint.  The SandBlast agent deploys to Chrome once Chrome is opened.  Not all my user use Chrome.

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IE and Firefox are already supported and deployable via GPO, SCCM, or similar.

Refer to: Check Point SandBlast Agent for Browsers 

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus


Firefox is not supported currently as part of SBA, FF extension is supported for SBA4B Standalone product only.
IE is supported in 80.71 and will be enabled by default once the user will install\upgrade to 80.71.

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hi, cant find the download link as you stated up ahead, can you please redirect to a working link location?

a friend sent it to me, i don't know why a normal google search doesn't bring it up

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It's not listed in the location I specified above because the clients are out of EA and are now formally released.

In fact, there's even a newer version of these clients available.

Refer to: Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.72 Windows Clients 

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