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Dispatcher-Thread-10 errors

In my "/opt/CPuepm-R77/logs/server_messages.log" I am getting hundreds of Dispatcher-Thread-10 errors stating:

"Transactions was terminated because one of the update commands failed"

These refer to the BLMconnector for assign license failing. Earlier in the log there are also references to the following:

PSQLException: Error: insert or update on table "device_license" violates foreign key constraint "device_license_nid_fkey", Detail: Key (nid) is not present in table "device".

Are there any means to rectify these kind of database issues or to resolve the underlying cause?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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This is an Endpoint‌ specific error message, moving it to that space.

I recommend engaging with our TAC on this specific issue: Contact Support | Check Point Software 


Hi Rob

did you find a solution?

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Ran into this error message myself during an upgrade from R77.30 to R80.10:

ERROR: insert or update on table "device_license" violates foreign key constraint "device_license_nid_fkey"

Open the Smart Endpoint console and check the Reporting Tab and go to the License report tab on the right side. In our case the container seats seems to be full. To fix this Check Point support has an internal sk in which they can fix this with use of some postgres commands.

Another way of fixing this seems to be removing (detach and remove) all licenses with use of Smart Update and reload all licenses and contract files from the User Center and reboot the policy management server.

In our case fixing the license issues didn't solve our problems completely. It seems the endpoint policy got corrupted during export / import. Not sure how to fix this.

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