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Disable FDE

I have recently purchased Sanblast Agent.
I believe by default, FDE is enabled, but I don't have the licenses for this feature.
I couldn't find a way to disable it.

Can someone help me?

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It depends entirely on what package was purchased whether it is even included.
Also, I'm pretty sure FDE is never enabled by default as it requires some fairly specific steps to configure properly.
What makes you think it is even enabled?
Screenshots would be exceptionally helpful.
What version of client and endpoint management is involved?

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To Clarify, in the Full Disk Encryption Policy yes FDE is enabled by default. However, what controls whether the FDE Blade get's installed is based on the Endpoint Installation Package (EPS.msi) you exported from your Endpoint MGMT Server to take an install on your client machines. This could have been the full exported package you created from 'Package for export' or from 'Software Deployment Rules' where you can use our Initial Client (small package) to install of machine and then use software deployment rules to control remotely which software blades those client will get.

As @PhoneBoy explained, we would need some screenshots from your Smart Endpoint Console to see what you have configured. And if it is easier for you, please create a case/SR with our TAC so we can assist further.