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Computer Won't Boot after an Error regarding the Dock's Power / Error: 0002cbb1

I'm creating this on behalf of someone else to help them at least understand what may have happened. I'm not an admin for checkpoint, we've already called the appropriate tech support but no one is available until tomorrow morning, nor am i a guru, i've never worked with checkpoint encryption so i can't diagnose and fix this.

This is a laptop using Checkpoint full disk encryption. Today they turned it on but got an insufficient power message. Says the dock only had 60 Watts (which is incorrect it's 130 watts) and may cause issues. The dock uses thunderbolt to connect. After accepting the message the computer now spits out this red error message, right after you see FULL DISK ENCRYPTION flash on the upper left. This happens even when we switched to the travel charger.

My understanding is that some configs can be set to "corrupt" a disk if it detects "unknown" hardware connected. I don't know if it's actual corruption, forgets the encryption key,  or just halts the boot process. Considering there may be an issue with the dock and thus was detected as an "unknown" device. Is this true and could this be the reason? and is it possible for the admin fix and decrypt this to being it back or is the laptop "hosed" and would have to be re-imaged.

Just trying t understand what "may" have happened, and hopefully have an idea of how fast this may be corrected once we hear back from the appropriate tech support tomorrow morning.

I've attached the error message below

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Please open a TAC request for this. 

It is at least "theoretically" possible that insufficient power caused HDD corruption. This has to be taken by support engineers.

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