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Check Point EPS and Grafana issues

Hello Check Point Community,

I am faced with an issue with the latest EPS versions and Grafana server under Windows Server 2019.

This plugin grafana-image-renderer doesn't work when EPS is installed into the VM machine.

I tried without EPS and everything is work as expected.

The errors are for Grafana Zabbix plugin and Image Renderer plugin.

We have encountered data source backend plugins that are unsigned. Grafana Labs cannot guarantee the integrity of unsigned plugins and recommends using signed plugins only.

The following plugins are disabled and not shown in the list below:

Modified signature

Note that unsigned front-end datasource and panel plugins are still usable, but this is subject to change in the upcoming releases of Grafana

Grafana Labs checks each plugin to verify that it has a valid digital signature. Plugin signature verification is part of our security measures to ensure plugins are safe and trustworthy.Grafana Labs can’t guarantee the integrity of this unsigned plugin. Ask the plugin author to request it to be signed.

Please could you share your opinion regarding the topic?
Do you know for which system files of Grafana server I should make exception rules in EPS to provide the stable work of Grafana server with Zabbix and Renderer plugins?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

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What files to exclude would depend on where they are installed and what actions are showing up in your logs.
But, in general, you can configure exclusions as shown here: 

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Hi PhoneBoy, nice to see you.

In my investigation, I only found that EPS breaks chrome image renderer driver.
I tried to disable hw rendering but without succsess.

I am not able to see the logs from Check Point side, it's managed by our Security officer.
I will show him this article that you shared with me.

Thank you for your attention and information.

Best Regards.

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