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Can I Replace Conventional Antivirus Kaspersky with Check Point Endpoint Suite

Can i replace conventional Antivirus Kaspersky with Checkpoint endpoint suite ? What is the sandblast agent ?


I have Sandblast TE appliance , so for the zero-day /anti-malware do i need to use Sanblast endpoint agent on top of Checkpoint endpoint suite ? 

How can i fully replace the signature /AI based Kaspersky ?



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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Sandblast Agent (SBA) was the name of all our endpoint advanced zero day protection and automated attack analysis & remediation technologies.

Endpoint Suite or Endpoint Complete included all our EP capabilities, including Sandblast Agent, Data Protection, VPN and few more.


Recently we changed the name of the complete package and now it called Sandblast Agent Complete instead of Endpoint Complete in order to emphasize the main delivered value of zero day protection and automated attack analysis & remediation.


Sandblast Agent Complete is a full replacement for your existing AV.

You do need it on top of your network TE appliance from the same reason you need a AV even if you have network protection. Not all attacks are coming from the network, some attacks are coming through the network but encrypted, not all attack activity is visible on the network much of it is visible only on the machine itself …

Note that if you don’t want to send files from Sandblast Agent to the cloud, you can point Sandblast Agent to use the same TE appliance you have today.

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