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Block shared folder access with HE

Hello CheckMates,

We are working on a PoC with Harmony Endpoint, and found some challenges that customer would like to achieve with the solution, they are not mandatory but would win many points against competition. The customer challenges are:

  • Restric access to shared folders so certain file types e.g. PDF are able to be uploaded/downloaded, but other types are not. We were able to do this in USB devices with MEPP blade, but did not find a way to do it on shared folders. I think maybe firewall blade may block SMB ports, but it would be a all or nothing solution. 
  • The same as above but for whatsapp web. We tried to do this with URL Filtering but the URL's to block change constantly and if we use a wildcard the application itself is affected, not just file sharing.

If someone has better ideas or know any feature that could help us to archieve that would be very appreciated. 

We are using HE E86.70 with cloud management on infinity portal R81.10. Customer works with a third party firewall vendor, it is not CheckPoint. 



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I'll double-check, but I suspect both of these are RFEs.

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