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Aggregated log for Harmony endpoint , MSSP, infinity portal


Going for a MSSP setup for a harmony implementation, we have been told that there would be a function to get aggregated log for all 'tennants' created... Do anyone knwo if or when this will be in place ? 

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We are working on merging the logs between the various Infinity Portal products.
You can see this in EA called Infinity Events.
I have to imagine this will also eventually include merged events for MSSP as well.

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That would be nice. I remember setting up the Harmony (or Sandblast as it was called then) for a 15k+ clients enviroment last year. Putting pretty much all of them under the same "customer" even tough I set the tennant up as an MSSP, becaus of the log challenge.

A prefered setup would ofcourse be, for that same customer as an example, to have one 'customer' defined for each of the different customer groups / AD. Making it possible for the customer to provide their customer access to their own portal..looking at logs and so on... But they would still like to have the overall aggregated log some place..

I think some check point dude mentioned to me that this was a q2/q3 2021 thing, so - it might ble close. 🙂

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