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Adjusting endpoint notifications

Harmony Endpoint 86.60.0185 on Windows 11 latest updates.

Harmony Endpoint (anti-phishing) is dolling out too many notifications

that it's doing things. I get it that it is checking on the first visit to unknown

sites but it doesn't have to tell us that. Only tell me, please, when there is an issue.

In any case, setting the slider in the cloud control panel to 'Critical Only' apparently

has no effect in the case of anti-phishing. Any idea on how to quiet it? I am looking

on the Windows side but at this point the notification settings are not as granular as

what you might find on your iPhone.


***update** It may have something to do with the browser extensions but there are

no settings for notifications inside the extension. Seems like it hasn't been built out

completely to address it.

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Can you share a picture of the notifications you are getting that are causing problems?

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Doesn't really need to inform about this. While it doesn't bother me, it will invoke help desk calls

from people that go ape about this sort of thing.

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This notifications are from Windows 11 "NOTIFICATION CENTER" and is comming from Check Point Harmony Endpoint web browser plug-in. You can disable from configuration->Notifications And Actions.

is not something you can control from the endpoint management portal. maybe you can configure some kind of GPO.



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Where is this setting made for Firefox/Chrome?

Why must it be all or nothing? This should be done at the

extension level not browser level. A user may want to know

when a download is complete, but not care if 'XYZ service has

done something'.


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