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Verification of URL in Body and Attachments of Emails

Dear Partners:
I hope you are well. I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding features of Harmony Email and Office. I find many clients who ask me if with Harmony Email and Office we have the ability to scan:
- Malicious or fraudulent links within the body of the email.
I understand that if with the Sandbox in the cloud, that is to say at the level of Threat Emulation
- Malicious links within attachments in an email.
I'm not sure about this requirement, I don't think our sandbox will check a malicious domain and / or URL embedded in the document / file if it is not executed or clicked.
- If we can make an on-demand scan of files that are shared through Sharepoint or Teams (behind Sharepoint).
I have not found documentation (I may have passed some other documentation) where we can do this.
- Inside a shared folder in the cloud (Inside Teams or Sharepoint), if there is a malicious file and / or document and a user wants to access it. Will you let it access or perform a scan?
I believe that the operation in this case, the solution will do a review of the file when the user downloads the file (that is, in the attempt, that is, it will not let it download until it verifies that it is not malicious).
I would appreciate your support to answer these questions, since based on these characteristics they constantly compare the solution with other vendors (which I have seen, at least in documentation, that they do most of these characteristics). If you can share links to review how we address these challenges, I would appreciate it.
Waiting for your kind reply, thank you!

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Anyone with a comments on this? I aprreciate it in advance.

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