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Identity protection for office 365

Hi team,

For the current HEO, the Identity protection is able to block certain country user login? An example like block user login from Russia. If the HEO is able to do this, anyone can share me the guide or sk? 

Best regards,


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You can block all logins from Russia, but you cannot do a granular rule that says "JohnDoe cannot login from Russia, but everyone else can".

I've attached a sample of how the policy would look that blocks Russia, but allow AzureAD logins from the US.

Here's the link to the Harmony Email & Office Identity Protection Administration Guide




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thanks Ruan,

but i am new to HEO identity protection. May i know the step of configurating this ?

Follow the guides, the step 1 : configure Identity Provider
step 2: Associate SaaS Applicationswith Harmony Email & Office.

step 3: install agent?

step 4: create a rule to block user login from Russia(follow the sample)? 

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I don't think I can add anything to that which is already in the documentation.  You can also have a look at sk148713  which links to much more specific steps for different Identity Providers.

The agent is not required for Geo-Blocking, you will only need it if you want to do stuff like push notifications and device posturing.

Hope that helps!

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