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Avanan and Check Point are Better Together! TechTalk Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides are attached below.
Q&A follows after the video.


I recognize this screen as the same one in the Check Point Infinity portal for the CloudGuard/Harmony Email product.

There are a lot of similarities as we partnered with Avanan for the last few years to provide the Harmony Email and Office (Formerly CloudGuard SaaS) solution. We are taking the best of both worlds to provide the best solution.

Will this be a product line item under Harmony or will this be part of Harmony Email?

It will be under Harmony eventually replacing the Harmony Email and Office solution.

As an existing Harmony Email and Office customer, how would we get full access to Avanan features?

The full set of Avanan features will be available to our Harmony Email and Office (formerly CloudGuard SaaS) customers in the coming weeks.

What will happen with Harmony Email & Office 2.0?

The existing HEO 2.0 solution will be maintained and integrated into a unified solution based on the Avanan platform.

Beyond advanced threat prevention and phishing, is there tunable spam filtering?

Yes, spam filtering is part of the solution. You can also tune it with a 1-5 scale.

Does this solution have policies to encrypt e-mails?

Yes, encryption is part of the solution, normally used in the context of DLP - for example, when an email with sensitive data is about to leave the organization, our system will encrypt it before it goes out. We support two methods - the O365 encryption (Basically have the DLP policy instruct O365 to send it encrypted), or what we call SmartVault, our home grown solution.

How does this compare against Mimecast or Barracuda for spam filtering?

The detection of spam, as with filtering, is superior to the legacy solution for two reasons:

  • The SEG disables some of the built-in O365/Gmail capabilities, while we add a layer to those and together filter much more
  • The legacy SEG rely mostly on prior knowledge/reputation filtering, our key capability is based on actual A.I. that is much more general and more effective

Can we have those Email features with Avanan into Quantum Security Gateways?

This is a different offering from what is available on Quantum Security Gateways. 

How scalable is this solution for large businesses?

Among our customers, we have customers with 100,000+ end-users in their tenant, so we have scaled it to some of the largest organizations out there. The compute is all elastic in AWS, so there’s no special preparation. For large deployment we obviously recommend gradual move to inline based on the customer’s schedule, but otherwise it’s the same 5 minutes deployment to get us going regardless of size.

What is going to happen with current Avanan customers that are using non Check Point security engines?

The various Check Point engines will be integrated as well, which should be transparent.

Can we implement for Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive only ? Excluding Exchange Online.

Yes, you can purchase the solution for the other SaaS in O365 without the email integration

Can Avanan be purchased as a 365 add-on? I could not find it in the CSP portal.

We are in the market-place to get started but not yet to purchase directly from MS with Azure money. This is still work in progress. 

Any option for an O365 Hybrid environment where some mailboxes are still on premise?

There is definitely a solution for Hybrid environments.

Is there an on-prem offering?

This is a cloud-based solution. Harmony Email and Office 2.0 (developed before the Avanan acquisition) can be integrated with any solution where the MX record can be changed (including on-prem). As noted above, the plan is to integrate this into a unified offering.

Will this include configuration for DKIM/SPF/DMARC?

This information is analyzed as with other emails details, yes.

Could this solution provide any detection of malicious DNS/ FQDN traffic inside the proxy based web traffic or browser extension based proxy traffic?

Check Point has other solutions for that (e.g. Quantum Security Gateways and Harmony Endpoint).

What will change for existing Avanan customers?

Nothing in the short term except for some small changes in branding.

Is the product suitable for MSSPs or partners wanting to manage many different customers under a single solution?

MSSPs were one of the ways Avanan was sold prior to the Check Point acquisition, and yes, it is suitable for MSSP use. If you are or have a partner/MSSP who is interested in selling this solution, please contact us.

Can I monitor all log layers for example spam, security, alert, config, etc. in a SIEM?


What happens with customers that already implemented Harmony Email security, are there migrations path plans to go to Avanan or is Avanan going to be embedded into Harmony?

For existing Harmony Email and Office 1.0 customers, the transition should be seamless. For HEO 2.0 customers, there will be a migration process that will be communicated once details are finalized.

Is there an API available? If yes, is it GraphQL?

Yes, we will publish the details shortly.

How about integration with on-prem SmartEvent?

Not at the moment.

Will it integrate with Quantum Smart-1 Cloud?

Work is already underway to integrate the logs from the various Infinity Portal applications into Infinity Events.

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