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Harmony Connect - hibernate/shutdown

Hopefully just a quick query, couldn't turn up anything in sk relating to it...

I've been testing Harmony Connect, and now would like to turn it off, how do I do that?

There is the automatic hibernation thing, that has kicked in, so are we just meant to ignore it at that point? (Hopefully the related email spam blizzard won't continue much longer...)

Or is there a button somewhere to delete the instance and all associated data entirely?




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Hi Ben,

for Harmony Connect (BranchOffice) you can just delete the site via the three dots (> "Delete Site") under "Assets" > "Branches and Data Center".

For Hibernate Mode please see the Harmony Connect Admin Guide:
Harmony Connect identifies unlicensed user accounts that are inactive (no traffic through the Harmony Connect cloud) for seven days and starts the process to activate Hibernate mode. Hibernate mode shuts down the cloud resources and disables the Harmony Connect Administrator Portal until you reactivate the account. In Hibernate mode, the system archives your account's configuration and logs, which are restored when you reactive the account within 30 days.
(Harmony Connect Admin Guide:

If you wish to delete the Infinity Tenant completely please open a service request.

Best regards,

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