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Check Point Harmony Connect MFA Reset

Hi All,


We've recently implemented Harmony Connect to our facility and have come across a few occurrences with MFA that I had questions on. I've seen users break their phones or lose them and are no longer able to access the website. Several of these users use the "Try another method" and use their "Recovery Code" to try and access the site. To which it just spits them back to the "Punch in one time code" page to log in. We've only been able to fix this issue by deleting and re-creating their accounts in the Connect Portal. The issue with this, is that means that we have to go back through uninstalling the connect app and resending the one-time setup to their email for them to register their accounts and sync their PCs to the connect portal.


Is there an easier method to resetting these users MFA's that doesn't require the complete resetting of their application and accounts? Is there an option on a user's account on the portal that allows you to have that person set their MFA back up during their next log in? 


Let me know what you think.

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The client is tied to the specific user, so anything involving deletion of that user will require a reinstall of the client.
The TAC might have a different way to reset the MFA other than that. 

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