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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Build Your Own Virtual Lab (BYOvLab) - Check Point Virtual Solutions

Hi All,

Did you know that you can use the below solutions to create your own Check Point virtual lab?

(If I forgot, you are welcome to add)


1. VMware vSphere/ ESXi = 

2. KVM = 

3. MS Hyper-V = 

4. Nutanix =

5. Azure Stack HCI =



1. Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) / VIRL(Virtual Internet and Routing lab)=!preparing-a-custom-image 

2. eveNG =  

3. GNS3 = 

4. Containerlab=


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

How to build Containerlab image?

Requirements for a Linux VM

1. Boxen

2. KVM enabled


1. Download the necessary Check Point version from:

**Required to use the images with “with default admin password”**

 2. Download and install Boxen according to their website:

# bash -c "$(curl -sL"

3.   Copy the qcow2 to the VM

4. Build the image: 

# BOXEN_LOG_LEVEL=debug BOXEN_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER=2 BOXEN_DEV_MODE=1 boxen package --disk /home/ofirs/Check_Point_R81.10_Cloudguard_Openstack_Security_Gateway_unsecured.qcow2 --vendor checkpoint --platform cloudguard --version R81.10  

5. Upload the image into private/public registry


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