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Join our Early Availability Programs!

Hi CloudGuarders,

I'm happy to announce 2 exciting EA programs that we launched for CloudGuard AppSec!

  • AppSec as a Service

    We are thrilled to unveil the Early Availability release of our distinguished WAF solution, now available as a SaaS offering. Tailored to deliver unmatched protection for your web applications and API servers, whether they are hosted on-premises or in cloud account environments, this solution embodies our commitment to top-tier WAF security and rapid deployment capability. The complete end-to-end deployment process can be executed in under 5 minutes, underscoring our dedication to both efficiency and user-friendliness.

    For those who prefer a service-oriented security model, our CloudGuard AppSec as a Service stands at the forefront of technological advancement. This innovative approach eliminates the necessity for agent deployments, offering a streamlined method for protection by Check Point’s cloud environment. This is achieved without the need to deploy any virtual machines, containers, or pods, significantly easing the security management process.

    Furthermore, the scalability of this solution is unparalleled, designed to meet the unique requirements of each customer. It includes both DDoS protection and CDN deployment options, ensuring effective traffic management and superior performance at any scale. This adaptability and scalability position our WAF solution as the ideal choice for businesses of varying sizes in search of robust, flexible web application security.

  • API Discovery

    We are thrilled to announce the release of the API Discovery feature for CloudGuard AppSec as Early Availability!

    This feature allows you to automatically discover and document all the APIs that are exposed by your web applications and protect them from malicious attacks. API Discovery gets you complete API visibility, offers security using Schema Validation, and allows sensitive data detection to help ensure compliance compatibility.
    By cataloging and monitoring APIs, security teams can track undocumented changes and notice “shadow APIs”, essential for compliance and prioritizing security measures.

    API Discovery is a crucial part of mitigating API Security challenges and is a game-changer for web application security.


We are looking for additional customers who want to try these features and share their feedback.
While using these EA features, you will have a dedicated R&D staff to guide, answer questions, and fix bugs.

Do you wish to participate and get early access to one of them or both? Contact me! 😊

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