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CheckMates Labs



We are excited to introduce the latest community feature, CheckMates Labs, aiming to give you a hands-on experience of these new features.


Test drive Check Point products in minutes. Hands-on Labs allow you to evaluate the features and functionality of Check Point products with no installation required.


Make sure you allow pop-up windows in order to access the lab.


Before you jump into the lab please watch this short video to learn how to use the labs.



You must be registered and signed in to leverage CheckMates Labs. If you haven't already, register now! It's simple and free

Labs List


Lab Name Lab Description Lab Link
R81 Quantum Management  R81 is the industry’s most advanced threat prevention and security management software that delivers uncompromising simplicity and consolidation across the enterprise. Whether it be deploying the latest technologies and security to protect the organization or expertly crafting security policies, the new features of R81 include Infinity Threat Prevention, the industry’s first autonomous threat prevention system that provides fast self-driven policy creation and one-click security profiles always keeping policies up to date. Go to the Lab
R81 Automation & Orchestration R8x adds a new way to read information and to send commands to the Check Point management server. Just like it is possible to create objects, work on the security policy using the SmartConsole GUI, it is now possible to do the same using command-line tools and through web-services. Go to the Lab
Check Point for Beginners Network Security Virtual Labs A pre-built R81.20-based environment you can use to follow along with the Network Security section of Check Point for Beginners. Go to the Lab
IoT Security Solution The IoT security solution is based on Discovery, Automatic security policy, and Enforcing that policy on a gateway. In this demo, you will see how we can connect to a pre-installed 3rd party asset provider, import assets and dynamic policies, and prevent attacks by enforcing the policy. Go to the Lab
CloudGuard AppSec This demo demonstrates attacks against a vulnerable web application and how to protect against them with CloudGuard AppSec. Go to the Lab
CloudGuard Workload Protection CloudGuard Workload protection provides full lifecycle security and compliance for containers. CloudGuard Cloud-Native Security provides vulnerability assessment, high fidelity posture management, and workload protection of your containers - from development through runtime, across your cloud environment. Go to the Lab
Harmony Connect This lab has Harmony Connect Remote Access for corporate applications and Internet Access for remote users services configured for demonstration. This configuration includes:
  • Creation of an Infinity portal and registration for the Harmony Connect service
  • Creation of a Harmony Connect data site and application connector
  • Creation of policy groups and associated applications and users.
Go to the Lab



If you have any questions or comments, contact Shay