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monitoring (SNMP) CME AWS autoscaling and Azure VMSS gateways

Hi everyone,

what is the recommended way to monitor CME AWS autoscaling and Azure VMSS gateways (MDS R81.10 HF66)?

Should monitoring being done via AWS/Azure portal, MDS or a combination of both?


The goal is to:

1. SNMP trap CME events, such as scale-up/scale-down events, initial policy installation, etc.

2. being able to monitor each gateway via SNMP, but due to the nature of the setup, number of VMs/IPs are not static.


I had a look at the chkpnt/chkpnt-trap mib files but could not find anything relevant to this.


for #2 I am thinking about a custom script looking at the output of cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "type='gateway'" -a __name__,ipaddr 

However this would need to track changes appropriately and might be challenging.


Any suggestion is appreciated

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@Shay_Levin can you advise please?

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Hi reloadin5,

In CME take 178 we added monitoring capabilities for important CME events such as scale in/out, see "CME-Monitoring" in the CME admin guide.

We will need to check more about the best method to monitor each gateway.

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