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cloud guard Gateway alias IP NAT service not working redirect to gaia portal


We have a issue we are running cloud guard gateway on top of azure network. we have added new alias ip for expose services to internet. 

we able to configure custom ports for internet access. example 8443. those services working fine normally. 

but we need to open another service https when i configure nat as below : 

Original Source : Any / Original Destination : Alias related private ip that issued by Azure Portal / Original  Service : https /

Translated source : original / Translated Destination : Private Server IP service hosted (https) / Translated service : original 


based on mentioned configuration automatically reached gaia portal neater open required https service locally hosted. 


Can you please advice what i missed in this configuration. 


Thank you,

Duminda Lakmal.

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do you if in the logs it hits the implied rules ?

also check it the Gateway properties that the Platform Portal is configured according to Firewall Policy.


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