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Upgrading a Checkpoint Cloudguard VMSS (Scaleset) from R80.20 --> R80.30 in Azure

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As R80.10 and R80.20 images are soon to be delisted from the Azure Marketplace,

I put together a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to upgrade a Cloudguard VMSS (Scale Set) from R80.20 to R80.30 in Microsoft Azure - with R80.20 Management. This "how-to" is based on the new procedure from the Admin Guide which you can find here:

Your feedback and comments are appreciated. 

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Thanks Eugene for the well detailed procedure.

Just one quick question, have you got a similar doco for upgrading an Azure R77.30 to R80.10 with the lowest possible outage.

I've read sk118717 (How to upgrade CloudGuard for AWS & CloudGuard for Microsoft Azure from R77.30 / R80 to R80.10 / R80.20 ) and  CloudGuard IaaS High Availability for Azure for R80.10 Deployement guide (the upgrade part), and I'm bit confused, it looks  the Side by Side method will assign new ip addresses and Keeping the same network interfaces got a long outage.

As our other requirement is to keep the same public ip address (we got so many site to site vpn tunnels which we can't ask third parties to update their config), can you think of an optimal method to upgrade.

We're really hopeful there's a way other than choosing the lesser of two evils



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