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The VPN and Transit Gateway does not create on the MGMT Server after run the template (AWS)

Hello everyone! 


How are you? 


I hope to get your help! Please


I'm deploying a Transit Gateway Auto Scaling Group (#7) in AWS into an existing VPC, the MGMT Server on-premises. but the VTIs interfaces and TG VPN  are not being created.
The ASG gateways are integrated on the MGMT Server, receiving logs, the ASG is into the VPN community, install policy working ok.

I created an IAM role for the MGMT Server and added the permissions (see URL), ran the (autoprov_cfg) to add the sub-account (sn, ask and ask) to use the previous IAM role mentioned but I did not see the role in use on AWS Console and I do not know if this is the problem. 


Admin over internet

MGMT Version R80.40 JHF 83
ASGs on R80.40 

In the cme.log does not see anything about the VTIs or TG VPN

I tried to deploy other templates for example Cluster and all deployed well.    page 11-13


Thank yo so much

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