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Query in CheckPoint IaaS GW in Azure Cloud

Dear CheckMates,

I have below query in CheckPoint Iaas Gateway deployment in Azure, will be helpful if someone can shed light on this.

1) We need to deploy CheckPoint Iaas GW in Azure Cloud in Country:India
        (But per sk109360 Country:India is not listed, hence not supported?)
        (I tried deploying CheckPoint Gateway in Azure under PAYG model in India and it got spinned up)?

2) I'm deploying CheckPoint Iaas ScaleSet(VMSS) - Will this support Site-to-Site VPN ?
       (RA VPN is supported which we know)

3) Can we create 3rd Gateway and add to existing Cluster-HA model? is it possible
      (Per sk110194 limitation, only 2 GW supported per Cluster)

4) I have existing Single GW deployed. Can we able to Add New Single GW and make these 2 GW instances as Cluster-HA?

5) Can we enable Mobile Blade in CheckPoint IaaS Cluster-HA and use SSLVPN instead of RAClient?


Regards, Prabu

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2 Replies

1. If the marketplace has a PAYG option it's supported.

2. Yes, S2S VPN is supported.

3. No, only two member clusters are supported unless you use a VMSS scale set.

4. If the single gateway has external management, yes, otherwise it will be a redeployment.

5. Yes.

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Dear PhoneBoy,


Thanks for quick reply.

Point-2) As per Azure VMSS R80.10 above AdminGuide - Under "Known Limitation" - "Site to Site VPN is not supported" - Need reconfirmation please.

Point-6) Can we enable Mobile Blade in CheckPoint IaaS VMSS and use SSLVPN instead of RAClient? - will it be supported?

Your quick reply will be helpful.


Thanks & Regards, Prabu

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