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Terraform deprecating "azurerm_virtual_machine_scale_set" used in Check Points TF Templates



currently trying to create / deploy CP VMScale Sets on Azure. I am Running into the following:


The azurerm_virtual_machine_scale_set resource has been deprecated in favour of the azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set and azurerm_windows_virtual_machine_scale_set resources. Whilst this will continue to be available throughout the 2.x and 3.x releases however is in a feature-frozen state to maintain compatibility - new functionality will instead be added to the azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set and azurerm_windows_virtual_machine_scale_set resources and the azurerm_virtual_machine_scale_set resource will be removed in the future.

Are there plans to create TF Configs using the newer resources?


Main issue is, "azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set " does not support os_profile setting, which used for cloud-init running /etc/ - what ever it is doing



Or am I completely wrong? Then Sorry and any hint is appreciated 🙂






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Hi @Nüüül 

We are in the middle of a release process for the TF templates,
The updated version of the templates includes the azurerm provider version upgrade and all of the relevant resources (such as azurerm_virtual_machine_scale_set which was replaced by azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set).
The new templates will be available by EOM (probably earlier).

Regarding the os_profile, it is indeed not supported for azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set resource, 
But we are still able to pass the relevant parameters for cloud config by using the custom_data field  - (

If you need the updated version earlier please contact me and I'll share the GA-ready version of the templates

Best regards,


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