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Removing all references to VMSS from SMS

We have recently removed all VMSS gateways from a customer environment including shutting them down in Azure. I have been trying to remove all the templates/controller/Management from the SMS using autoprov_cfg delete. I could do this for one template (there are two) but when I try delete the last one it tells me there must be at least one. Someone posted about the autoprovision.json file which I have located on the SMS. Do you need to remove the file or just the contents of the file to remove all references to VMSS? I want to remove all traces of VMSS and all Controller, MGMT and templates. Check Point seems to be capable of documenting the deployment of VMSS but very little if anything with regards to removal of VMSS.

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yes , edit the $FWDIR/autoprovision.json file and remove all the content leaving only '{}'

save the file and restart CME service - 'service cme restart'

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