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R80.10 Content Awareness

We have deployed r80.20 on Azure Cloud Guard that is managed by R80.10 on-prem management appliance.

I'm creating new policy for incoming traffic but want to use Content Awareness. Incoming traffic is HTTPS/HTTP that will try to read media/jpeg etc from server inside.

When i create the rule and try to access server from internet it matches clean-up rule instead of rule that i created with content awareness. But if i remove anything put in content awareness it matches correct rule and allow traffic in.

Anyone can please if help what the problem could be?



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Did you read the suggested examples for  in Next Generation Security Gateway Guide R80.30 p. 144 - Unified Rule Base Use Cases ? In sk119715: ATRG: Content Awareness (CTNT) we read:

Content Awareness restricts the Data Types that users can upload or download.

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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