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Outbound internet access not working on Azure VMSS scale set

We have an Azure VMSS scale set deployed with an internal and external load balancer. We are having issues getting internal hosts to access the internet. I created a HIDE NAT as follows:

Original src=, Original dest=ANY, Original service=ANY

Translated src=VMSS firewall object (HIDE)

I also have a policy rule permitting both the original src and the scale set access to ANY dest on ANY port


When I try to go to the Internet form host I see the traffic come into the vmss on eth1 and leave on eth0 (translated) but I get no return traffic from the Internet.

Is there something additional (besides the HIDE NAT) that we need to configure on the VMSS? Or is the issue outside the VMSS (in Azure).

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1) Set a default route to the azure network controller (IP x.x.x.1) on the external interface.

2) Set the correct IP network security settings in azure. 

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus


You can also refer to the Admin Guide for Azure VMSS where all possible traffic patterns described:

Specifically Outbound traffic configurations





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Hi J_Saun,

In Translated Source - Create Dynamic Object with name as "LocalGatewayInternal" and give HIDE NAT. (Remove the Object of VMSS Hide NAT)

Translated src=LocalGatewayInternal (HIDE)


Make sure you have fetched the Topology in VMSS and Routes towards Internal servers.


Regards, Prabu

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