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Employee Alumnus

Deploying Auto Scaling CloudGuard gateways in Azure using VM Scale Sets

Hi everyone,

This is a step by step guide I created on how to deploy CloudGuard (Vsec) virtual gateways in Azure using virtual machine scale sets in Microsoft Azure. Feel free to comment, leave feedback or contact me directly should you have questions. 


For the full list of White Papers, go here

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I have follwed this guide on a HA CloudGuard r80.20 but it seems that the LocalGatewayInternal  object is not recocnized even though I have created it in SmartConsole.

It seems that only  LocalGatewayExternal is created when using dynamic_objects -l

[Expert@azfwcluster801:0]# dynamic_objects -l

object name : LocalGatewayExternal

range 0 :

Operation completed successfully


Does anyone have any idea??


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How does licensing work for this model? But how are we actually charged when gateways scale up/down? Is it based on PAYG pricing or can we pre-purchase a license from Checkpoint to reduce costs?

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