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Cloudguard IAAS Routing doubt and S2S VPN

Hi Team,


Just a confusion about routing in Azure and would really appreicate if someone can help me on the doubt

I am going to setup Check Point cluster in Azure which will have 

  • VNET -
  • FE Subnet -
  • BE Subnet-
  • FE-FW1 -
  • FE-FW2 -
  • FE Cluster -
  • BE-FW1 -
  • BE-FW2 -
  • BE Cluster -
  • DB Subnet - 
  • App Subnet -
  • BE LB -
  • FE LB -

In this case for DB & App Subnet UDRs will be  NH or

for NH or

Plus I have received two public IP addresses for both the VMs. Since I wanted to configure VPN which Public IP should be configured on VPN Link selection page?



Blason R


Thanks and Regards,
Blason R
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