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CloudGuard for GCP - Enterprise Scale Deployment - Deep Dive (TechTalk)

Hi All,

In this webinar, I will walk you through the entire process of building Check Point best practice CloudGuard IaaS in Hub and Spoke architecture.

1. Gcloud commands and diagrams are accessible via this link.

    (Use the online app to open the diagram file.

     The file includes many diagrams, look for the tabs on the bottom of the screen)

2. Webinar Q&A file is available via this link.

3. CloudGuard GCP AutoScaling deployment guide is accessible via this link.

4. CloudGuard GCP Cluster deployment guide is available via this link.

5. Cloud Management Extension (CME) available via this link.

     (** CME is relevant only for CloudGuard AutoScaling deployments)

6. CloudGuard Controller Admin Guide is available via this link.

     (Don’t forget to enable Cloud Resource Manager API for the project to which the service             

       account belongs)


- Shay Levin

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