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CloudGuard IaaS High Availability and Licensing

Hello mates.

I know this is a classic case of RTFM but I figured the seasoned experts will point me to right location faster than me scanning documents like the noob I am.

My question is simple:

If I have to setup my CloudGuard manager and gateways on a high availability configuration, do I have to pay for twice the licensing on these components ?

My gut feeling is that I don't, but I need an official answer.

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Each active Check Point component requires a license for operation.

In a typical HA Cluster, this means each cluster member needs an active license.

Management HA? Same thing.

And yes, that means paying for said license.

On physical gateways, there are -HA SKUs that can be purchased at a discount for the second member.

I don't believe these exist for CloudGuard IaaS, though, as the licensing model do gateways is a bit different (total vCores used across estate).

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