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CloudGuard Failure Issues in Azure


We have recently upgraded our R80.10 HA CloudGuard cluster in Azure to R80.20. We used the latest Azure marketplace template and have successfully deployed the two gateways to form the cluster. We successfully got everything configured and it has been working well. However, on two occasions now I have returned to work on the Monday morning to find that no traffic is flowing through to our IaaS estate in Azure through the firewalls. Upon checking SmartConsole I see red crosses and 'connection is lost' for both cluster members. On looking at the logs i see one last log originating from the Azure cluster member and the description is "(ClusterXL) interface enP1p0s2 of member 1 ( was removed."

A restart of the gateway VM's in Azure brings them back to life but this obviously isn't a viable solution. 

Has anyone had this issue before and can shed any light on it for us?



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I hate to be the "an upgrade should fix it" guy but I know there were a number of issues with R80.20 in Public Cloud in general that we addressed as part of R80.30.
We are about to de-list R80.20 as described here:
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Hello Liam,

We have the same issue (VMSS in Azure) here since we moved to R80.20 !

Kind regards,
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