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Change Private IP address CloudGuard on Azure

We have deployed the Checkpoint CloudGuard on Azure using "CloudGuard IaaS High Availability ", which gets deployed successfully. 

We are required to change the Private IP address on on the Interfaces i.e. eth0, eth1, Cluster VIP

i.e. Azure auto assigned IP eth0, the IP is changed to, like wise for  the other interfaces

We noticed that once the Private IP address is changed internet traffic is reaching the firewall.

While when we use the environment with the Azure Auto assigned Private IP addresses, everything works fine

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Manged to resolve this, was following the IaaS High Availability for Microsoft Azure guide, which states creating & using the Dynamic Object "LocalGatewayExternal" which on further investigation was referring to the  Auto Assigned IP from Azure, update the new IP addresses on both Gateways & everything worked fine


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